Pervasive extends your reach into the real world, providing connectivity to a vast range of sensors and controls through a web-hosted managed service and seamlessly pre-integrated hardware. 

We provide uniquely flexible managed solutions for a wide range of real-world challenges, and make it easy to democratize real-time information and control across your organisation, your home, or the world.

Below are some examples of the solutions we have delivered. Reach out today to learn how we can connect you to the world.

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Municipal Sportsfield Irrigation

Pervasive Telemetry, with partner iTech, has delivered a city-wide irrigation and sportsfield lighting system encompassing more than 35 parks, gardens and sports fields across one of Australia's major cities.

Grounds keepers can now directly control irrigation and update watering schedules on their phones, and manage usage of precious water.

Engineering and installation partner: iTech Corporation

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Chemical Dosing and Stock Control - Aquadex

As a contract supplier to one of Australia's large water authorities, Aquadex manages the control of Hydrogen Sulfide ("sewer gas") in high-volume sewers by treating with nitrates. The company uses AgentG2+ devices from Pervasive Telemetry to control the nitrate injection pumps and monitor tank levels for the treatment liquid. When levels fall past a preset point, the nitrate supplier is automatically notified so the tanks can be replenished. 

Engineering and installation partner: Aquadex

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Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Gas distribution pipeline owners use Impressed Current Cathodic protection (CP) techniques to prevent the corrosion of their buried steel pipelines, utilizing external DC power supplies to generate an electrical current from an external source (anode) through the environment and on to the metallic structure that is being protected. This protective current changes the environment around the metal thus halting the natural corrosion reaction.

Several of our customers use Pervasive Agent devices and the Pervasive Portal to monitor the DC power source and regular test points along the pipeline, generating mandatory compliance reports and immediately sending an alert if the CP system stops working or moves out of range.

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Storm Water Harvesting

Several of Australia's leading cities make extensive use of water harvesting to capture and treat stormwater and use it for irrigation of public parks, gardens and sports fields. This significantly reduces the load on potable water supplies, particularly in times of drought and associated water restrictions.

The Pervasive Telemetry system manages and controls the reticulation and treatment of the harvested water, and automatically generates sustainability reports required by Council.

Engineering and installation partner: iTech Corporation

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Waste Water Management - PowerWater

Power and Water Corporation (PWC) provides electricity, water supply and sewerage services to over 94,000 users across Australia’s Northern Territory

PWC’s Remote Operations team is responsible for 72 remote indigenous communities and 66 outstations across the state. Traditionally PWC would use expensive supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that typically require a team of four to fly in to a remote community for installation, but for many communities PWC now uses an Agent device from Pervasive. An Agent can typically be installed by a single electrician in less than an hour, with the site commissioned and active immediately.

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Sports Field Lighting

Pervasive Telemetry, with partner iTech, has delivered a sports field lighting management system at more than 10 ovals and sports fields across one of Australia's largest cities.

Lighting schedules for evening sports practice and events can be programmed using a mobile or desktop browser. In most cases schedules are updated automatically from the City's facility booking system, with the booker allowing them to extend or cut short the lighting event using SMS messages.

The system automatically generates sustainability reports required by Council.

Engineering and installation partner: iTech Corporation

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Environmental Monitoring - Mining

Several companies and government departments use AgentG2+ units from Pervasive Telemetry to monitor water levels and water quality in active or abandoned mines and tailings dams, essential for safety and operational planning.

If a critical monitored level exceeds safe limits, alerts are automatically sent to relevant technicians and their managers for actioning.

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