A Managed Service for IoT

End to end integration and personal service

Pervasive Telemetry is a "Hosted" telemetry service provider.  We own and maintain all the backend servers and software that you would normally need to purchase to host your own telemetry solution. There are no software licences to buy, no servers to purchase and best of all you can access your data from anywhere.

Your data is of the utmost importance to us and we treat it as such. Even though we are hosting it for you, it is and always will be, your data.

Each Agent you purchase attracts a monthly service fee or subscription similar to having a mobile phone plan. The benefits are man

Subscription Benefits

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    Portal Access

    Pervasive Telemetry's Agent devices are only half the story.

    The Pervasive website Portal and backend server infrastructure has been designed from the ground up to utilise and showcase the capabilities of the AgentG2 hardware. It is feature rich without being confusing to use or navigate, and is accessible from any web browser with an internet connection.

    Features include:

    • As many secure logins as you need (no "per seat" costs)
    • Graphing
    • SMS and Email Alerting
    • Mapping
    • Mimic Panels
    • Data export and automated reports.
    • And lots more

    All at no extra cost above your monthly access fee.

    Learn more about the Pervasive Portal

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    Communications Airtime and Networking 

    We don't believe in hidden costs.

    Included in your monthly Agent subscription access fee per Agent is a generous helping of included data.

    This includes data upload and download to our hosting server along with SMS alerts.

    If required we can take data received into our Portal and push a copy to your own infrastructure via SQL write, web service call or MQTT.

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    Configuration and Programming

    Working with you, we'll programme and build configs for all your Agent sites.

    We can do this remotely and can even create and deploy sites and configs while your installer is in the field.

    If you need to modify or re-task your Agent this can also be done at any time remotely, with OTA (Over The Air) updates.

    Whether it's one config for many sites or many configs for many sites, we'll make sure you're happy with the outcome.

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    Personal Customer Service 

    We care about what we do and the clients we work with.

    Our Agent hardware can accept a huge array of sensors and we customise the solution to fit your needs.

    We're contactable via phone and email 24hrs a day all year round.

    Our configuration tools even allow us to deploy or tweak a site for you when we're not in the office.

    Could a fully managed IoT service solve your curly IoT problem?

    Call us today for your obligation-free trial of an Agent with the Pervasive Portal.