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We work closely with partner companies that bring powerful skills and experience to solve your real-world problems.

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iTech Corporation

iTech Corporation is a technology specialist in the industrial and infrastructure sector. They are a vertically integrated Electrical, Systems Engineering and Electrical organisation that provides a suite of services which include electrical engineering design, project management, software, control system manufacture and electrical installation services.

iTech has partnered with Pervasive to develop, install and support systems for irrigation, lighting and water harvesting in public parks, ovals and gardens.

Web: www.itechcorp.com.au

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Kenelec Scientific

Established in 1962, Kenelec Scientific is one of Australia‚Äôs leading and longest serving scientific and environmental technology companies. 

Kenelec has partnered with Pervasive on a number of environmental monitoring projects including smoke detection and tracking, dust monitoring and mine-site monitoring.

Web: www.kenelec.com.au 


Aquadex specialises in the treatment of high-volume sewers with nitrates to control dangerous Hydrogen Sulfide ("sewer gas") . The company uses AgentG2+ devices from Pervasive Telemetry to control the nitrate injection pumps and monitor tank levels for the treatment liquid.


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